Friday, November 5, 2010

and here is another thing

we live in the O"Hare flight path about a mile from Lake Michigan and while our planes come about every two minutes when they are on that Foster Avenue flight path we never get to see them close up like you do here in San Diego.  I tired to get a good picture but the planes came by so infrequently I got tired of waiting for a really good shot- but you  kind of get the idea from this picture- taken of Fifth Street 

but here is the best thing- the airport is only five minutes away from downtown- how cool is that!  

ah yes

San Diego in November with 100* yesterday- as I said a few posts back global warming anyone?  so here I am to attend the best meeting of the year from a business standpoint.  lots of my favorite business colleagues and lots of collegial sharing of information - just a really great group and since I am heading towards a free life this is my last time to meet with this group.  no point in getting all sentimental, let's talk about some amazing things.

for instance the hotel provides robes for its guests- LOL and here is a photo of the robes

so perhaps the place is a bit too hip for my husband and me - LOL

Monday, November 1, 2010

the night before

the elections- - finally the end of our torture of political ads is near.  so I have been working a lot the last couple of days.  One of my Boards (I sit on two right now) was meeting and then I had a lot of work to catch up with after getting back from the Board meeting.  This is the semi not free part of my life.  But hey if I want to get paid I need to work since alas my lottery ticket for the 187 million lottery on Friday was not a winner- actually worse than that there was not ONE number that matched (sob!) LOL

the weather remains quite nice- my friend Mick and I went out to dinner on Saturday and we walked home around 10 PM and it was still quite nice.  On Wednesday my husband and I are headed to San Diego and they are having a heat wave - it will be 91* on Friday.  I have business meetings all day Thursday and part of Friday.  Then we are going up to the LA area to visit my buddy Oscar (we met during a 2005 India trip I took)

maybe I can dig up an India picture for today- or maybe something tropical to represent the weather in San Diego....

OK so no India photos on this computer - I went with the tropical look and palm trees.  Maybe soon I can get some India photos included but in the meantime if you want to see some, you can go to the Shutterfly link on the left hand side and look for the India pictures. 

My week is very busy but I am giving thought to a ten things post after an idea from the BagLady whose blog I have been reading and liking- she is also linked at left- maybe next week if things don't get too too busy before we are leaving for Argentina.