Wednesday, February 16, 2011

just remembered

that I wanted to post the sunset from when Lynn and I were sitting on the deck the other night.  it was a truly spectacular one.

today we ate lunch along the Gulf of Mexico in the sunshine and breeze and on the way to lunch the bank sign said it was 76* - we'll take that for February 16th!

above: along the Gulf of Mexico

finally- when Lynn and I were out riding around we took the opportunity to take a photo of the hut we believe led to the naming of Quonset Road where the River Cottage is located.

so those are a few photos that will help bring you current on some of the things that have been going on in the week away from postings.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

so then

we went to the island for lunch at Moore's and did the drive around and found peacocks and did all the sights related to the family's history on Anna Maria.  Sheila and Mary were polite enough not to yawn too frequently but Phil got quite antsy.

Sheila and Mary were only here about 48 hours as they were on their way to Sheila's grandfather's 100th birthday party.  we dropped them off at TPA and then went up to pick up Lynn who had arrived the same night but had business before she could join us for a few days. 

we went to lunch in St Pete so we could get gelato at the fabulous place Lew & Ellie introduced us to.  The sea salt caramel was still the winner!  lunch outside thrilled Lynn who had just escaped Chicago in the post blizzard mode. 

we arrived at River Cottage and of course- she fell in love right away.  we sat on the deck and relaxed until it was too cool to stay out.  then we went to dinner at the AMOB on Cortez where we had Valentine's day specials- I had a super "nutty grouper" and Phil and Lynn ate a lobster and shrimp combo.

the next morning Lynn and I went to the island to do the tour and buy souvenirs for the grand kids - alligator heads are fairly easy to come by and a great find for six year old boys. 

here is Lynn combing the beach for shells to bring back-

later we went to Linger Lodge for gator bites.  dinner was at the Sign of the Mermaid.  we stopped for cash on the way home so we were ready for the FLORIDA STATE FAIR on monday!

yes we went to the florida state fair for fried fried fried - fried everything...  here are some photos

 we did NOT try the deep fried butter- just couldn't get up the courage...LOL

an entry in the bunny competition - really really cute bunnies - hundreds of them 

day old piglets

we had a fun time and agreed there was absolutely NO NEED to return to this or any other state fair for several more decades- maybe ever...LOL.

but we might be willing to return to celebrate our winning power ball tickets (retirement funding mechanism used by many boomers- LOL) and here is a photo of us with our tickets

wish us luck! 

and so today I took Lynn to TPA to return to the northern climes and we are headed off south to visit Larry in Miami later in the week. 

sorry I was away for so long but hey- we're busy! (GARY!)


for a while- actually since before my birthday and then things got really busy!

on my birthday friends Sheila and Mary came and we all met CBGB for dinner at Bern's amazing steakhouse where the wine list is 181 double sided pages and they have well over 500,000 bottles of wine. 

we all had a wonderful time and had some truly amazing wines. 

here they are:

 this was an amazing and fabulous 1988 Chablis!
 this was an over the hill Montrachet so we only tasted it
 this was a perfectly fine corton charlemagne even though it also had some age on it
 incredible moulin a vent from 1985
 an echezeaux only ten years younger than I am- LOL
 another wonderful wine- we knew it should be great and were not disappointed
 some of our corks
 ultimately we also had a glass of the 1954 maderia- the wine of my birth year!
a picture from the cellar tour

a wonderful dinner with great friends and we raved all the way home about what a great time we had.