Monday, April 8, 2024

Last lunch in Madrid (for now)

 A lunch before leaving Madrid - Asturias cuisine. Three fabulous fabadas, cazuela-like stews of beans and proteins, followed fresh tomato and an asturian queso. Three proteins and flan to end the meal. 

We said our goodbyes - and already miss being with these great people- so lucky to have family here in Spain.  We are back in Valencia - had pinsa last night so we could just go across the street since we did not get back until nearly 10 PM (train snafu- on our part).  Today we are catching up with all things computer and planning for our visit from Angela & Lee at the end of this week and also rounding things out here in Valencia. We leave a week from next Saturday. Eleven days left in our month away.

A day in Segovia

 We took the high speed train to Segovia for a pig lunch 

a photo from the return trip of the speed- it was a less than 30 minute journey....

At lunch at Jose Maria- 

the city is small but lovely- 

We had a fabulous dinner that evening at El Brote, a restaurant the specialized in fresh mushrooms of many varieties- seasonal choices prepared in creative ways. Took photos of both the English and Spanish menus because I know there will be some questions. I loved the entire menu.  Phil wanted more meat. Because his pig for lunch wasn't enough  LOL

forgot to photo the morels before they were attacked by all of us- LOL so partially eaten will have to do...

So one more meal together for lunch before we return to Valencia---