Wednesday, October 17, 2012

three cities

as you probably know, we have been traveling and of course that means two things- not much blogging while on the trip and lots of blogging when we get back.  We got home this afternoon from Stockholm and there are lots of photos and much to write about but also laundry and bills etc... the mundane-

so just to hold you over until I can do the trip justice here are three photos to give you just a taste of Copenhagen, Helsinki  and Stockholm

first up- Copenhagen - from the tapestries woven to celebrate the queens 60th birthday by the famous Gobelins factory- you have to love a country that for all posterity includes the Beatles in their cultural heritage!

then a unique church in Helsinki - built on top and into a huge rock - amazingly completed in a year - light filled and truly beautiful without being "religious" overload...

and then - a night scene in Gamla Stan (old town) Stockholm... lovely sense of history

so more when I am not so exhausted- the eight hour time change and nine hour plane ride has a bit to do with that.... LOL