Friday, September 2, 2016

website finished

for the GRAND BALTIC SEA VOYAGE and ready for viewing of the photos if you so desire

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

An excellent lunch!

After the food halls we went to meet Aase for lunch - at Restaurant Schonnemann- founded in 1877 and in 2016 is still
1. a going concern and
2. a top rated place to eat traditional Danish Smorrebrod...

this photo of the inside is from their website - all others are mine and taken of the things we had for lunch!

the above dish was the best chicken salad I have ever had in my whole entire six decades!

Next we were off to Bakken (details to follow) then a late dinner in town at Den Lille Fede and we say farewell to Aase.... more to come as we meet up with the Hansen group- Poul & Lene, nephew Martin and his wife Susan and their children Thomas and Emma for an evening at STUDIO.... Stay tuned....

Off to the Food Halls

The following morning we headed out early because of course we were adjusting to the new time zone.  Before we met Aase for smorrebrod at Restaurant Schønnemann (on Mon's recommendation) we were up and out early and to head to the food halls.

Along the way we walked by the synagogue and a church near the Round Tower-

Then we found our way to the food halls - which are a relatively new thing in Copenhagen- we didn't eat there because our hotel had a fabulous breakfast, of which we had liberally partaken. However there were many items that tempted us despite the fact that we were full. You will see this clearly in the photos.

First we ran into baked goods and coffee and then olive oils and then on to produce-

flowers interspersed with the produce-

then on another aisle they had cheese and dairy and meats - and fish-

this guy looked scary!!!

more cheese!

then a place with open face sandwiches to carry out -


Oh and by the way - we walked across town from our hotel at 71 Nyhavn to the food halls and of course there were some scenic photo ops along the way-

Nyhavn is an area where in the days of Copenhagen as a fishing port- the sailors would come and congregate- get drunk- hire a "date" and get some tattoos- LOL- you can still pretty much do the same today- it is a lively area but also extremely picturesque-

 So now we have made it up to lunch time on our first full day in CPH... much more to come- including a truly excellent lunch and a very very good dinner along with our visit to Korsbaek in the afternoon - an action packed day! (of what turned out to be more than 15,000 steps on Phil's counter!)

lots of great stuff to follow!