Wednesday, May 14, 2014

good things come to those who wait

four photos exemplify this cliche -

April 24, April 29, May 12,

and today May 14

finally a sense that spring is really here....of course at May 15th - we should have been pretty much done with it.  But last night we ran into Marty over at Anteprima where we went for dinner and he said "no matter how bad they said the winter was, it was actually worse." and two days ago my next door neighbor also said basically the same thing- "we thought we would never stop shoveling...we'd shovel at 11 PM and then get up and shovel at 6 just never stopped"

so I hope this summer is gloriously beautiful with temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s and low humidity and only rain overnight - so those who had to live through the horror of this past winter can enjoy a season with much pleasure to make up for the awful winter they endured.

we fly to Paris tonight; so soon - look for blog posts from there and Burgundy - where we are "barging" LOL with CBGB and our friend Anna!