Tuesday, November 7, 2023

We wait and we wait and we wait

Yes - we are waiting still- today we took matters into our own hands and contacted a new service to get the document we need but they need 6 weeks... much gnashing of teeth... meanwhile we did go to the Deli exhibit at the Holocaust museum...

Fun walk down memory lane. A number of haunts from my youth memorialized and our regular local deli made it to the exhibit.  A really excellent recap of a part of our culture we are losing.  Many delis were founded by Holocaust survivors and subsequent generations didn't stay in the business. A story told across many of the immigrant communities. We still get deli a few times a year for "old times sake" but a lot of my personal favorites are gone. Ashkenaz on Cedar, Mort's on Wabash, DBKaplan's in Water Tower, the Belden Deli, Mel Markon's.... Delis used to be a staple in our repertoire of choices for good soup and sandwiches (now we have???? Panera????)

Been to many NYC delis - this and Katz's were among my favorites.

Ate carryout from here many many nights when I was a young litigator - always ordered turkey and swiss with lettuce tomato mayo on kaiser roll

Katz's (where a sign hangs over this table)

Been to two locations of this one. The pre and post fire....

Barak Obama eats here but we've never made it before its early closing time.

Phil's and my regular neighborhood deli from when we lived in Boy's Town thru today in North Center. Sadly, we lost Danny the "ever present" owner in the last couple of years. Tough when someone who has been there through decades of visits is no longer there.

Another favorite from my early career - when my parents would come to visit Chicago, we'd have at least one lunch at DBKaplan's. It was a few blocks from where I lived on Bellevue just off LSD.

Our Sunday morning fare virtually every week.

Places I've visited indicated by the red dots

So after spending time at the deli exhibit yesterday Phil and I got to reminiscing about the delis we used to go to when we both practiced in the Loop. One place we always think our paths must have crossed, long before when we finally met, is the deli in the Mallers building (a place in the loop which once was one of the diamond centers of Chicago).  It was an old building with elevators operated by humans and those accordion gates to keep you inside the elevator car. When you got off the elevator you didn't see the door to the restaurant because it was around the corner and down the hall to the end. You knew you got off on the right floor because you saw the sign with the arrow just after exiting the elevator. The place was small just a counter and maybe a dozen tables. The photo is from our era of working in the loop. The restaurant closed (sometime before 2009) #oldtimes #pastlives

a visit with family

So we are waiting for the documents for our visa applications and getting more and more frustrated - meanwhile we are stuck in Chicago with crappy weather and dark skies (daylight savings time ended.  We are stressed beyond reason and the guy who is supposed to be working on the documents is giving us a run around and non answers- it's just horrible. Luckily Steve & Suzanne came to visit and distract us from all the aggravation.

our first night out with S&S at Coda Di Volpe (Italian) on the Southport corridor.

The next dinner out with S&S at KOMO

Then we ate at home one night when S&S cooked us a feast and I made a pie and appetizer samsas....

The meal by Chefs Friedman

The next night we had a meal at Kasama! 

They left on Friday and we had to cancel our trip (scheduled for Sunday) to New Orleans and Miami.  We now have four business days left to get our missing paperwork and little faith it will be completed in time. So we have now started the process anew and are redoing all the other 15+ per person documents... we are both at wit's end.....