Monday, July 1, 2019

about last week

I wonder sometimes if it makes sense to keep doing these posts but then someone will ask about where to go or what we ate that we liked at X place and so they are a sort of diary or journal with a search function that works fairly well.... so I try to keep up.

Last week started off with Phil returning from the Clearwater Festival where he and Jeremy spent a couple of days for music along the Hudson River.

Midweek we attended a Chaine event at Kumiko

Followed by a terrific dinner with John & Stephanie at SKY

and on Friday we equivocated so long on dinner that we ate at the Bagel (which was exceptionally good- probably on their game for Pride Weekend) and because there was an announcement that the Wiener's Circle was not closing (YEA!) we slipped in a midnight run to grab a hot dog...

Saturday we had a last minute visit from Jennifer and Dave (of Denver) who had last minute decide to transit through Chicago on the way to South Bend and other Indiana destinations.... we ate at the Bristol and had a solidly good meal (sorry no photos of food- we were distracted by catch up conversation) we ordered the rillettes and the mussels and the raviolo and the cacio e pepe and risotto and porchetta and trout and then for dessert basque cake and snickerdoodle sundae... we didn't go hungry LOL

Monday we tried a new place for Italian - Sapori Trattoria - extremely mediocre...

Tuesday we met Shari for a "grab a bite in the hood" style dinner at Chengdu Impression- excellent food again

Then we celebrated 18 years of marriage at Oriole with our buddies there

followed by a wonderful dinner with Jenny & Eric at Black Bull which we have wanted to try for quite a while - it was terrific!

Neighbors Jeremy and Romy and Viv came for a glass of wine on Friday evening and Saturday night Ron & Mary  and Jenny & Eric came here for dinner.... ribs, Lil's potatoes and various sides...

we keep busy- LOL and soon we will be off to the north of Europe and island nations LOL