Saturday, May 12, 2018

two dinners

so on Thursday and Friday we had two dinners with Chaine friends- both very good - one was actually so excellent we are already planning to return and the other is a kind of regular place in the hood for us...

the amazing find- was down on 18th street - kind of a tragically hip neighborhood but we went anyway because we were catching up with Jenny (a foodie friend) - Here is the rundown on the absolutely perfect meal...

the amuse - an edamame spread on rice crackers

the full menu-

what we ate- shown in order of the menu-

for the mains we chose three and shared those highlighted in yellow-

one side was added on the recommendation of our superb server Santiago-

the desserts (how did we miss a photo of the menu?) - there were four choices and we picked three to show our virtue LOL

a cheesecake that was completely smooth and luscious

a chocolate tarte with a caramel sauce

and a banana budino with mixed grains

the meal was note perfect!

then the following night we met up with Kevin and Shari at Bien Me Sabe and had a panoply of things not many of which were photographed because we spent all the time catching up with each other since we hadn't been together since my Oriole birthday dinner in February-

but here's what we had for wines- a champagne from Shari and Kevin and a Rhone white from them as well and a South African red Malabar from Spice Route winery was our measly contribution :-(

two of the three desserts we ordered and shared - the meringue one was a real winner!

We also had an arepa each and shared a salad and had the shrimp tostones and the cachapa as starters- we did not go hungry LOL

so those were two great meals with great dining companions and we never did get the full run down on where the Masseys are in N.O. La recently (even foodies have other things to talk about LOL)

tonight we have a concert and tomorrow night a wine event- the social calendar is in full swing.... so more to follow.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

northern opener

So I arrived home on Wednesday and last night I went to see Women Eating Salad at Theater WIT.

My FB mini-review while there was "Fabulous exploration of women - body image - food issues - body shaming - aging - feminism - sex --- all with over the top outrageousness and laughs. Timely. Topical. A big WOW. Another edgy production of Theater WIT. Brilliant. #womenlaughingalonewithsalad. #gonow."

A terrific play - another in a series of why we go to the theater

here are some clips from the playbill-

off to a good start!

season finale

at the ballet-

so this all happened like two weeks ago now- but my very favorite was the amazing Tarantella- the rest of them did not enthuse me-

Leaves was long and slow- and although you could sleep to it, didn't provide movement enough for my taste

I liked the dancing in Bugaku but the music was ear splitting- several folks left during the screechy intro-

Marguerite and Armand was well performed and traditional but the story line left me cold-

so overall a disappointing outing for a company that usually keeps the audience enthralled by their performances....