Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Complete and Utter Failure :-(

As I sit here typing away I am watching the death throes of a dumb purchase made by stupid people-  LOL- unfortunately at least one of those stupid people would be me.... of course I am smart - but as with all doting pet owners - and spoilers, not so smart as to not fall for the latest and greatest toy your cat may have ever wanted (or couldn't care less about)

About two weeks ago Phil sent me a link to something called the "Cat's Meow"- and I watched the video and agreed that maybe our little darlings would enjoy this "act NOW and get two for the price of one" late night TV style gadget.

The new toy(s) arrived today- and took some assembly (I must have been having a TIA when I ordered the damned things- LOL) and I called Phil who was out and told him to bring home C sized batteries (each "machine" needed three!)

We assembled and powered, and put it on the floor to watch the hours of fun our cats would have chasing this "fake mouse/gecko" around under a little blanket... 

This sounds so pathetic as I am typing this I can barely see from laughing at how dumb it was! tears are streaming down my face as I watch my cat - right this minute- actual photo just taken-

you can see how much she loves playing with this new item (located on the floor behind her)

so roughly one hour after setting this device loose on the world, the three C sized batteries are getting slower and slower and the only animals that have spent a minute "playing" with this toy are the two humans that inhabit this household- LOL...

but I did notice when I came in the afternoon that the flowers were looking very nice in the yard so there is reason to celebrate regardless of a momentary lapse in intelligence...

I can't believe I fell for it- LOL- but we all have our areas of strength and our areas of weakness- LOL and pretty much everyone who knows me will tell you I am a sucker for furry animals- LOL

another new place! a winner!

So we have a winner! actually there isn't a contest but we did find a new winning BBQ place right nearby!

the food was wonderful - the service attentive and friendly - the atmosphere casual and welcoming and it is BYO!!! how can you go wrong there? Sadly I forgot to take photos of our food before we dug into our lunch choices but our empty trays show the relish with which we ate- not  a morsel of the smoked meat left on either of our "plates".....

the menu- includes homemade root beer and fresh brewed tea (sweetened as you like it)

four choices of BBQ sauce (not shown- tucked in the back of the photo-  the Carolina mustard based - which was excellent for Carolina style sauce but is not to our taste- LOL)

a hearty "napkin" perfect for BBQ eating!

a mug of frosty root beer - house made!

wall art-

"outhouse" décor (it is inside the restaurant- LOL)

ball jar lighting with burlap- casual décor that is just part of the warm welcome!

our trays were empty! sorry about not giving you a chance to SEE the food- LOL

a vintage turntable spinning Allman Brothers for lunch (yes I once had both that turntable and that album set- LOL)

here's how to reach them! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

a new place

to try in the neighborhood that is BYO - and classic bistro style-

we tried it tonight with Neil- and the food was really very good- nothing amazing just good standard French fare-

here are the pics- cute place - doing a good business by the time the regular dining hour of 7:30 rolled around-

we had the foie gras terrine and escargot starters and Neil had a beet salad.  then Neil and I had the truite (poisson du jour) and Phil had the Canard - all were good and we had sides of the frites - which we very good! a thumbs up....


so if you are looking for a straight forward bistro in the BYO category this could be your "go-to" place.