Tuesday, June 26, 2018

the reception!

Two weeks after the ceremony Angela and Lee had the reception for their wedding in Raleigh North Carolina at the Melrose Knitting Mill.  A beautiful venue for a stunningly beautiful reception - every detail coordinated by the bride and groom.

strange wedding customs - the bride- chair dancing LOL

Phil Friedman caught on "film" dancing !

strange wedding customs - the groom - pool dunking -  "like father like son" LOL

eventually the party was over and the help let us know it was time to leave by making sure there was nowhere to sit LOL

and to remember the fun - a photo booth -
a fun day for everyone! And we even found a great place for dinner the evening before - at St Jacques - a place the local Chaine chapter had visited (we recognized the plaque when we entered) - a dinner with Jeremy on Saturday and with Larry on Sunday at a local seafood place-

of course we all had fish for entrees and a starter of oysters - which were long gone by we had a photo....