Saturday, January 13, 2024

a day in Cadiz

It's really about the photos -  because they speak for themselves- 

the details- 

from the hotel- 

so back to company and Sevilla...

friends visit

So Lee arrived on Wednesday midday - after we had gone through the banking gauntlet #3... LOL and we went for a coffee and then Lee and Phil walked to the Setas. Lee kept going in city exploration and we relaxed before dinner... 

That night we went to Manzil for dinner. Service was spotty but the food was very well prepared (and if the course was something you liked it was great but a few of the courses were not so much to my preferences.) The next morning we were off to get a rental car and to head to Cadiz on the coast. We went to the hotel to check in and then out to Taberna Casa Manteca for lunch. In the afternoon I walked around the old city residential streets and Lee & Phil walked along the city wall. We relaxed before dinner and went out later to La Marmita Ancha for some of Cadiz' famed red tuna. 

then on to Cadiz on the way to lunch and lunch....

it is older than we are LOL

a minion in the pulpo! LOL LOL

I will post my around town photos in a separate post - and finish with our dinner for the same day.

really good food and we had an excellent wine to go with the food - 

The next day we were up to head back to Sevilla because unexpectedly Nick was able to join us for the weekend before work in London next week.  We picked up Nick at the coffee shop around the corner Piki Labis, dropped off his luggage and headed to brunch for all of us.  We went to Billy Brunch nearby and most of us loved our food.

Nick napped for a while - Lee went out for another walk - Phil and I caught up with computer and house stuff -

Later we went for dinner around the corner to Casa Puerta - again good food. 

We came home and Nick stayed up a while and then crashed and we all made plans for brother Larry's arrival the next morning.

next up - my explorations of Cadiz...