Friday, April 19, 2024

last meals in Valencia

After a walk across town, we had a fun meal of Asturian food. An excellent empanada with flaky pastry crust. Followed by the extremely well spiced txistorra. Then we had the Asturian fabada and a foie gras stuffed Cachopo. Photos start with things seen on the walk to dinner.

and our last night here - we are headed to Marisqueria L'Odissea.... a favorite and so worthy... last photos will follow... meanwhile I have a few photos here and there of our month of living in Valencia.

And our final night's meal:

And we got up the next day and left for home. We got back to Sevilla around 8:30 and took a taxi home from Santa Justa. Started a load of laundry and went out to dinner.  So good to be home after a month away.... we liked our time in Valencia but we were tired of the crowds by the time we left for home. despite living in the city center in Sevilla we live on a quiet street that doesn't get too much by way of tourists but for one moderate sized - and very upscale - hostel where they must have rules about noise because they have been a good neighbor so far.

more to follow as we settle into our apartment and entertain friends from Chicago.....