Saturday, August 23, 2014

a whole lot of Saints!

So we landed in Saint John, NB after a whole day of travel - yes - we ARE at the edge of the North America.... we have two nights here before we move to Saint Martin for our class on Epicurean New Brunswick... so today we decided to visit another Saint- LOL - St Andrews NB---on our way into town we stopped at a clam shack for some lunch- Lobster rolls and scallops!

then back to Saint John from Saint Andrews and a visit to the Old City Market-

French and English on all packages!

we bought a package of Dulse (sun-dried seaweed snack) so we could say we tried it- LOL - more later of course- but I wanted to let you know we had arrived!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


While the theater season doesn't begin in earnest until September (with a lot on our plate already)- we have had tickets for ages (since January) for the return and limited engagement of Rick Bayless' CASCABEL! -

a lookingglass theater production (where we loved The North China Lover very much and In The Garden not so much)

here is the blurb from the brochure-

some promotional photos-

so we were off to the Goodman (where this production takes place) for the dinner/production- excited to see how this was handled - something completely different....

and now we know why there was the exclamation point!- because it was something completely different and completely entertaining and completely fun! (despite the fact that the patrons outside the theater looked less than enthusiastic- I can assure you they did not look like that upon departure!)

we had a two top in the back of the room with bar height stools which afforded us an excellent vantage point...

no photos allowed of the stage or in the direction of the stage so the one above from the promotional materials is as good as it is going to get  (see photo of title page of brochure)

the menu - yes this was a kind of sort of "dinner theater thingie"- LOL

and yes I got distracted by the magic of the show and forgot to take a photo of the main course- LOL- the performers were completely engrossing- but here is the food I did remember to take photos of-

the first couple of courses and dessert-

and here is my review of the show - it was fabulous fun- the food was OK but it is always a challenge to have an amazing meal with that many people being served at the same time... but the performers were wonderfully entertaining and incredible artists each in their own genre  I believe it has been extended so you may want to check it out- originally the run was supposed to end tomorrow night --- good luck, if you can locate tickets I am sure you will enjoy your evening of tightrope walkers, pole acrobats, acrobats on high swings and those that swing from chandeliers- really lots of fun! Magic and magical!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

a trip to 1962...

we are leaving town soon for the maritime provinces of Canada but before we do there are details to attend to- and for sure we don't want to leave food in the frig to spoil (perfect excuse for dinner out) So we headed to dinner at Chinese favorite Orange Garden still the exact same decor as 1962 or at the very least 1972...

the could sell this clock for lots of money- it is such a period piece!

and while their sign is missing quite a bit of neon tonight the facade still hearkens back to simpler times- LOL

I know someday we will head out for a last minute meal and find it gone but while it's still around to appreciate I want to mention it- and the thing is - the food is actually decent it isn't just all atmosphere- nothing new - not even remotely so- just good old-fashioned Chinese like we had in high!