Wednesday, November 29, 2023

on to New Orleans

 We arrive about 9:40 PM to our hotel- the Mazarin, older hotel in the quarter that could use some refurbishing but the rooms are spacious the shower has good pressure and it's well located.  We had originally booked at the Place des Armes where I used to stay on business trips but it was not available for the revised trip dates  (BOO HOO)

Because of our late arrival we headed to dinner quite quickly- we had a 10:45 PM reservation at Apothecary near Preservation Hall. It serves until 2 AM sp ust ou kind of place!

We had a long day and were back after midnight so we finished unpacking and I read a bit and went to sleep. it was a cold evening so the thin blanket didn't cut it for keeping us warm- we went in search of more covers for the night once we were headed out to lunch.  We lunched at Parkway Tavern & Bakery.  They are known for their po-boys.  We both had Shrimp and Phil had a roast beef one to try. 

Tonight we are off to a new (to us) restaurant called Vyoone's  LOL - that's correctly spelled.... It said in parenthesis (Yvonne's) 

more Miami meals

So Sunday we had our usual big meal midday at Bellmont Spanish in Coral Gables followed by much later dinner at Sardinia in the hood.  

 Later to Sardinia- 

Then late night laundry in the hotel--- and the next day we met Larry after his morning at work - over at Garcia's on the river....

Then dinner in Coral Gables at an old standby-

Then we were done- we said our goodbyes to Larry and thanked him for his great chauffeur job. He works Tuesdays and we were off late in the evening for New Orleans.  We had lunch at th new Eating House location in Coral Gables.

then had drinks at a "football" bar- 

and took an Uber to the airport- where we ad crazy long walks to the gate. but we got to New Orleans by 9PM and checked into our "boutique" hotel in the quarter. It's in an historic building and could use some renovation but the room  is spacious.  So the last leg of our southern sojourn is starting.