Thursday, June 18, 2015

two thumbs up - terrific tapas menu @next

we seem to be on a tapas tear... first our fab fun lunch at mfk and then the Cafe Marbella dinner and last night the TAPAS menu at next.  I will begin with the executive summary.  We liked this menu better than any since Modern Chinese and much better than some of the more recent menus... it seems like the fun is back... just like the Chinese Modern menu, they have been playful and adventurous and the wine pairings reflect that as well.  By far- the best wine pairings we have had EVER at next... not because they have chosen bad wines - but because they are usually wines we could easily outdo from the cellar. However, last night they had a lot of unusual choices that we know little about and do not collect - so we had a ton of fun with both the food and wine!

so I won't keep you waiting any longer-

the courses in order with photos (some not so great but the food was!

the first wine pairing and then the whole list - follow along (bottle photos will help you)

this was the hardest one to photograph - no contrast - charred wood block and charred pork belly and crouton - while excellent was seriously NOT photogenic...LOL

just suck the stuff right out of the tubes- and pop the (above) babies into your mouth and move along - in my opinion all the best courses (of all GOOD ones) are coming up...

this was incredibly good- who knew???

the world's best white chocolate was hiding in the branches (forage for it - we were told...)

eat the above on these sweet bread slices or on your cheesecake - both are excellent choices - if you like hazelnuts... LOL

while the cheesecake was incredibly creamy - it wasn't so much that I shouldn't have been able to focus (sorry!)

the final - a little cookie to dip in the "Horchata" - tried it - not for me...

up next two events worth returning for-
 and then the salmon bake at Duck Inn-

So if you see the patio is open you can be a walk in for the next TAPAS menu or watch their twitter feed for openings- this one is not to be missed! and - as always- more to come....