Saturday, May 11, 2024

on our own

Our friends left on Tuesday and we had dinner at home that night. We are on our own until we leave. No more company and in a little more than two full weeks we will be heading back to the US.

Last night we had dinner at Petit Comite, a perfect dinner. Photos start with the walk home. We were over by the Guadalquivir near the (currently closed for renovation) ship yards where the new world explorers launched their ships.  We had dined here once before but this time it was even better. Menu choices marked with red checks. The best course in my opinion was the salmon carpaccio. Wonderful flavors and textures. Retinto albondigas were very good (named for the specific beef variety) Phil loved both duck courses. And to top it off the wine was exquisite (pricey for Spain but one we don't see regularly). We are on our last few weeks until we return in the fall so we are doing our "farewell" tour of our favorite dining spots. #expatlife

here's a place that looks like it has potential- we passed along the way...

We met Lauren Tucker for lunch today at a Chinese place in Triana - food was only OK but the place was pretty and the service was welcoming.

Last night we returned to one of the first places we visited in February 2023 - near Tempo Museo Apartments- La Chala....

Tonight we are of to La Escalona- for more good outdoor environs!

coming up more of the farewell tour... several new places and many we return to multiple times.

Sunday, May 5, 2024

John & Stephanie visit

Friends arrived on Thursday late afternoon. They were starving, so we went out for some tapas at Burladero.

 and that night we went to Brunilda and had an excellent dinner 

The next night we went to Azotea....

a night cap at the Radisson on Magdalena 

Then day three we had dinner - a disappointing dinner at Chiquilla. We had loved it the first time and were hoping it would be great still but alas - no such luck...we did have a few good courses but overall I would call it a miss....

we decided against dessert and went home for some convent cookies LOL

two more meals planned - John & Stephanie have been exploring the city on their own but we get together for dinners. They are doing a flamenco show early this evening and we will meet up later at Dos de Mayo. Descriptions of dishes are below the dishes - marked on the chalkboard menus.

Off the chalkboards - a salad of artichokes, white asparagus, verdinas, onion and tuna. 

And rabo de toro- off the chalkboards

the wine for the night- 

We tried to order the Zamburinas but apparently they were out of them.... oh well, next time....

and one board we didn't get to at all! LOL- falling down on the job....

Tonight we will do our final dinner at Desacato. Photos below:

a fun evening and excellent meal. John & Stephanie left today just after 1 PM and now we are back in our routines until we leave for Chicago in less than three weeks!