Friday, June 15, 2018

we finally go to boka

So last night after years and years of accolades for BOKA we finally had the perfect reason to go...dinner with friends who are huge fans and regulars at BOKA...

the ambience was lovely with a living wall and vintage style tiles on the floor of the glass roofed room where we were seated.  we chose the tasting menu and paired it with two wines from our cellar and some wine form their list - starting with the Ruinart Brut Rose....

I will let the dishes and their beautiful presentations speak for themselves -

three bites from the chef as amuse bouches!

foie gras and frozen strawberries

three fish/seafood courses-

beef tongue

duck breast with gem lettuce 

buckwheat and goat milk ice cream with strawberries

matcha ice cream (my fave dessert) 

the red for the savory courses was an Uncle Neil gift/selection and was still full of fruit and well balanced- a terrific wine! the 1990 Vosne-Romanee Premier Cru Les Chaumes from Jean Faurois

This Chenin was an excellent choice with the seafood - fish courses after the Brut Rose...

we had a Sauternes for the foie gras course and the desserts- a 1986 Rieussec which was 100% perfect for a Sauternes... a lovely evening of conversation and story sharing- our friends have traveled to many places and as with all travelers had stories (an an occasional phone photo) - before we knew it four hours had passed and we agreed that the meal was wonderful and that the birthday week celebrations for Evelyn were officially in full swing...  

Thursday, June 14, 2018

another dinner

Last night - after eating at home for one night after our return from the wedding trip we decided to eat outdoors and to revisit a place we haven't been to in quite some time... Tre Kronor

we decided on two starters and two salads and then only made it through part of the entrees because we have over ordered LOL

the gravlax and the toast Skagen

then two salads one with avocado and blueberries and Danish Blue and the other with poached pears and candied walnuts and Danish Blue

 the entrees- Swedish meatballs and pork loin - the meatballs won the evening and those got finished the pork loin not so much... although they have pretty decent desserts we skipped them due to our over ordering LOL -

 tonight we are off a true food adventure to Boka (our first time) with friends - it is very highly regarded and has been for years -not exactly sure how we missed it but looking forward to giving it a try!  so more later - as usual....

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

the wedding part 3

the BIG DAY has arrived -

At 8 AM we go to see Angela in her hotel room getting hair and makeup done before heading off to Central Park for some photos - and then we return to our hotel to dress for the ceremony and head off to the Central Synagogue -

then the folks in the wedding party begin to gather - most of the following photos are from the Uncle Neil collection-

then on to my cell phone photos of the ceremony- the attendants are shown how to carry and hold the Chuppah (the wedding canopy.) The single cloth under which the couple are joined symbolizes both the new household they are forming and represents the public recognition of their new status as husband  and wife.

relatives awaiting the start of the procession

the Chuppah in place after arriving via the main aisle carried by Lee's father and brother and two female friends of Angela who were in the wedding party

the bride arrives

they enter their symbolic home

then blessings are exchanged in a more lovely and loving approach than vows- rings exchanged as well-

then the Ketubah is signed by witnesses and witnessed by all as the entire intimate gathering came up on the bima to affirm the marriage contract- - - Rabbi Angela Buchdahl explains the Ketubah and witnesses from the wedding party sign in their Hebrew and English names-

Angela signs while Lee "patiently" waits his turn LOL

Lee signs and things are almost complete but first - the glass-

Lee balances carefully before breaking the glass - - - apparently there are many explanations for the ritual but my favorite of what I read was this one -

The fragility of glass suggests the frailty of human relationships. Since even the strongest love is subject to disintegration, the glass is broken as a kind of incantation: “As this glass shatters, so may our marriage never break.”

then time for lots of photos in the sanctuary - the official photographer I am sure has these in much better form but I have my own as well LOL

so off we went to an ice cream parlor the wedding couple liked near the Synagogue - and then to hotels to change to more comfy clothes and on to lunch on McDougal street and then to the Frying Pan on the Hudson

So at dinner folks went their separate ways and we had a Friedman dinner at Gotham Bar & Grill with Sue and her four sons and two daughter in laws and one granddaughter.

The evening was late and we were headed to Roxbury in the morning where Lee & Angela have a country home in the Catskills. A large gathering of their friends was scheduled for an informal celebration of the marriage up there.  The remainder of the photos are ones taken by their friends and posted on a photo site for the celebration so I take no credit for some of these spectacular pictures -

four fires at various locations for cooking and heat and bonding

several campsites were scattered around the property

a substantial number of the group went to the nearby "airstrip" to watch the sun set over the mountains just as we left for the three hour drive back to NYC.

 I know everyone in the world thinks their kids' weddings were the best ever LOL but seriously - this was the most relaxed and most beautiful and loving wedding I have ever attended.  It was elegant but simple, open hearted and welcoming at every event during the week.  Truly perfect!  The formal reception will be held in about ten days in North Carolina - a champagne brunch - which will no doubt only add to the great memories.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to Angela, Lee and all the family members who made this week so special and memorable for us!  #bestever