Friday, November 3, 2017

significant other

So my last night in Chicago in 2017... I went off to the theater as Phil went off to a concert with his WFMT buds at the Old Town School...

We had seen Bad Jews at Theater WIT a while back and found it uproariously funny in a seriously awful black comedy way - so when I saw the new production at WIT was by the same playwright I jumped at going to see it on my final and their first night -

Here is the summary from the theater's website-
Significant Other - By Joshua Harmon - Directed by Keira Fromm -Theater Wit
Jordan Berman is single gay man in New York City. Mr. Right is nowhere on his horizons. As he's nearing his 30's, his close group of girlfriends begin getting married en masse. What happens when you feel like life is leaving you behind but you're still expected to be at the forefront cheering on your friends on their perfect wedding day? Significant Other is a bittersweet comedy about friendship, single-hood, and hoping you're not the one choking on car exhaust as the "Just Married" sign disappears from view.

Here is my report- I laughed and I cried sometimes at the same time! The leading man deserves an award for his incredibly touching performance as the guy who love (so far) has passed by... there was such sweetness and yet incredible sadness.... being in the age of late twenties and early thirties is the hardest time of many people's lives and mostly because you can't see what the future holds - as his grandma said- "it's a long book and the next chapter hasn't started yet..."

really a wonderful play - hope it is a HUGE hit for them because this one deserves a large audience!

so Lucy and I are off tomorrow in the early hours to her favorite place - her jungle courtyard in Florida! See you there soon!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

old and new

countdown is on and we are more than ready- it hasn't been over 40* "real feel" for days! Last night we met up with friend Mike and had another great meal at Cafe Marbella in Jeff Park- this homey place on the NW side has such good food and Tuesday nights are no corkage BYO.... so off we went for a superb meal and amazing wines...

the avocado bacon and goat cheese salad - which I admit we have pretty much every time but it is worth it!

gambas a la plancha - perfectly cooked - hate it when seafood is overcooked - these were exactly right!

the cod dish with mussels and a fair amount of garlic-

we paired this white which was not showing any age at all with the first courses- really terrific but we are running out of the 2004 and 2005 Lamy St Aubins--- they have been super reliable for many years and brought us much enjoyment!

albondigs! pink in the middle and tasty!

as were the mushrooms

I think this was showing really well - actually opened up nicely in the glass with a bit of time- who would have thought you would need time for a 1983 pinot from Oregon... this is the second 1983 Oregon pinot we have had in a week and they both were amazingly good surprises- aged magnificently for vines that young (at the time)

from there we went to a bigger Spanish - all tempranillo grapes - which needed to be aerated and still was getting better and better with more exposure- this one has plenty of time left -

the boys had lamb chops - I skipped that course - don't really like lamb... I thought they looked overdone but Phil said they were pink in the middle - good news for the eaters LOL

a luscious duck with brandy sauce and baked apple and candied walnuts - you can't see from this angle but the duck was also fine - pink in the middle as well

Mike had the goat cheese and butternut squash cheesecake and Phil and I the espresso chocolate sponge cake which was sooo yummy!

The specifics - a wonderful little neighborhood gem of a place-

one more meal - the white truffle menu at Osteria Langhe with Sheila and Mary tomorrow night and I have a ticket to Theater WIT on Friday while Phil goes to an Old Town School concert with this folkie buds from WFMT.... then Lucy and I are out of here.  Phil comes later via plane...LOL

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

In and Out

So last weekend I headed to Florida to open up the condo and and clean things up after the six months away and Hurricane Irma coming through. Also I timed it so I could see the first ballet of the season.  Before that we went to City Winery to hear Jeff Daniels in concert with his son and daughter in law... not the best concert I have attended - he was charming and the daughter in law had a lovely voice but the material was forgettable and the son's voice will not be able to front a band if Dad decides he's too busy to be on the road....

So I worked all weekend getting things cleaned up and arranged for our return in seven days - here is my jungle courtyard upon arrival for the cleaning weekend-

On Sunday afternoon I took a few hours break and went to the ballet opener! A lovely piece - a challenge for the composers with a complex narrative to impart both through dance and a libretto.

The first production of the Season sees the much anticipated return of Olivier Award Winner Will Tuckett’s The Secret Garden, which amazed and exhilarated audiences during its premiere in 2014. The ballet tells Frances Hodgson Burnett’s beloved tale of an orphaned young girl, Mary, who is sent to live with her Uncle in the countryside. She soon discovers a secret garden and a young sickly boy, Colin, who never leaves his room for fear of his health. Together, with their friend Dickon, they explore the garden and in the process find love, family and health in their own special paradise. The ballet features a commissioned score by composer Jeremy Holland-Smith, as well as puppetry and narration that help bring the story, characters and the garden to life.

the theater where I attended the ballet and we frequently see productions by the Asolo Rep...

next up for the ballet- of course the perennial favorite for the holidays Nutcracker- with a Sarasota twist!

returned home on Monday afternoon - a lot of turbulence approaching Chicago - but a dramatic view of the city upon entering the final ORD flight path-

this week - final prep and packing for our time in the sun.... and two last week meals with friends including a white truffle dinner at Osteria Langhe with Sheila & Mary... and a jaunt to Cafe Marbella with Mike.... It wasn't even 40* when I went out this morning to get a garbage bag from the deck box... Phil said 29 real feel - #timetogo.  Hope it doesn't snow this week!