Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a fish tale

last night we went with the CG (Chicago Gourmets) to the Cape Cod Room.  Neither of us had been there in literally multiple decades so we thought "what the heck?"

The CG was celebrating its actual 15th anniversary and so there were flowers and a harpist to entertain us.  The meal was excellently prepared and the wine selections were some of the best pairings we have had for any CG meal.  All photos are courtesy of Don Newcomb as I left my phone at home so as not to be peering at it all evening for election returns. 

and by the way I have found that my phone actually takes the best food photos of any of my cameras because it doesn't use flash per se- it has a system where it lights the subject with a flashlight app and then photographs it eliminating a lot of the flash wash out issues.... nifty!

so here is the menu and the Don Newcomb photos

my cousin Michele is coming this weekend and we have signed up for the CG event at Cordon Bleu for the three of us... and then we have our final CG dinner (due to our travel schedule) at Cyrano's which should be great because they have made it BYO---