Friday, November 18, 2011

Rude awakening!

Well we left Zadar This morning. Another bright sunny beautiful morning. We crossed the mountains and were bushwhacked by -4*C. Amazing. In the span of a half hour!

Here are a few photos of what we left.

And here are a few of what we found along the road to Zagreb.

This last one was taken from a moving vehicle so it is not a masterpiece but it does show how shocking it was for us. We were in shirtsleeves with lightweight jackets "just in case".

Now in Zagreb we are ensconced in our cozy room after having had a hearty lunch at Bodon restaurant. Oddly when we sat down for lunch I realized I had been there before with my mother and aunt back in August 2005. It was still charming with decent food.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just a taste

We have one more Internet-less day. Soon more info. Meanwhile. Maybe a photo will give you a little to anticipate. LOL and as you can see I still have made little progress with the iPad posts as the photos all end up sideways-

so the one from Mostar in Bosnia of the bridge that was bombed during the war which has been rebuilt by UNESCO will be deleted and instead I will post a couple of Ljubljana photos instead-

Obviously many more photos to follow in the next week or so. We have been traveling about two weeks and have lots to share. Later....