Thursday, May 16, 2024

getting ready

We are less than two weeks from our return trip to Chicago. We are busy making lists of what goes to ORD and what stays here in SVQ. We have had some meals at new (to us) places in Sevilla along the way. So before we leave I wanted to catch up. 

Last night we went to place we have passed a hundred times - it bills itself as a Marisqueria but we were spoiled by L'Odisea in Valencia (which had more selection and also more options for additional dishes) What we had was excellent but the choices were limited (no cockles 😢 no sopa des mariscos)  So we won't be rushing back...  

lunch at a new place near the end of Calle Harnias - good lunch choice but we really just wanted montaditos -which were only served inside on high top tables and it was a beautiful day and we wanted to sit outside. That said, the food was really good and we liked our revueltos - mine with zucchini and cheese and Phil's with salmon and shrimp. 

a late night meal after Phil's class ended at 9:45 - we had tried this place before and had mixed reviews but this time the food was good and the service was excellent. Here our complaint was we were given only a limited menu (with no degustation like we had before) and we were in an informal room that seemed more like the hotel breakfast room than the lovely dining room where we ate before. Still, the cola de toro bunuelos were excellent, as was my salmorejo!

Part of our farewell tour - MING2 - the duck and spicy beef dish were excellent - and the hot & sour soup (as usual) the other dishes - passable. LOL but we love the servers there Cristina and Freddy.

another new place - CastizoTapas was terrific and we will definitely return - lots of good choices and while the service was a bit spotty, the overall experience was positive. 

Tonght our "au revoir" to Casa Puerta... and coming up-  return to AMARA  and trying out Casa Lonja (nearby on Calle Zaragoza) then back to Cayetana, and along the way Alimentari & Diversi... and more - so stay tuned.... our lists are in process and packing begins this weekend...LOL luckily mostly what we have to bring back are big empty suitcases.... more to follow.