Saturday, November 8, 2014

the Grand Canal Venezia!

the easiest way to get a tour of the Grand Canal is to take the bus- yes that would be a boat but it is really a bus - a "water bus" or vaporetto (plural vaporetti) - there is one that goes from one end of the canal to the other - there used to be one that did the Gran Canal and then did the outside water along the commercial waterway (where the ships come and go, with stops at the car parking garage etc.) but they have apparently discontinued that one and now have made it into two journeys (more revenue? LOL)

so we walked to the nearest stop and obtained tickets by using the machine (a new thing since my last trip to Venice) and got on... the boat was packed (as they usually are) and so we made our way to the back and outside where at least a few shots could be had from the small area where I could stand-

this is a magnificent tour of the architecture of Venice- palazzos of all sizes line both sides of the canal... even if they look like  a palazzo they may be a gallery or a museum or a hotel or administrative government offices- not many can afford the upkeep of these canal side beauties in the 21st century...

I will start with a couple of closer in photos so you can see some things a bit more clearly-

then go to the actual bus ride photos in order- we went to the train station and back to San Marco- so you will see things from both sides of the canal as well as a few canal wide shots- and also all three bridges- Accademia, Rialto and the one at the Ferrovia...

our hotel- our room is located in the shortest building on the second of four floors overlooking the courtyard and a slice of the Grand Canal-

(our view)

detail of the front of perhaps the most beautiful palazzo on the canal-

Ai Gondoleri!

Accademia Bridge-

approaching the Rialto Bridge

a part of the Rialto Market- and the then the fish market (red awnings on arcaded building)

the third bridge (at the train station)

a patrol "car" Venetian style-

a beautiful view of the width of the Grand Canal-

one of the few green spaces you see along the Grand Canal- the gardens near the Arsenale where the Biennale is held are the largest green area in Venice's sestiere.

the Accademia Bridge - on the return trip-

so then to complete the topic- we had a few more shots from our taxi - on the way back to the train station when departing-

this was our farewell shot of the Grand Canal for this trip-

I have one more miscellaneous Venice post to go- and then Bologna- so stay tuned...