Friday, December 10, 2010

a wedding celebration

for our friends Zack & Becky who got married in October the day after I started my blog.  we are having a dinner party in their honor tomorrow night.

here is the menu

snacks: spanikopita - olives - hummus
starter: Hawaiian ahi poke and sugar snap peas in sesame dressing
main: chicken divan - corn pudding - roasted asparagus
cheese course with glazed walnuts and dates
dessert: peach and cherry crostada with homemade whipped cream

because we are having corn pudding I thought to post a postcard from the corn capital- yes that would be Iowa.

lots of cooking for tomorrow but if I think of it I will take some photos. but meanwhile I need to be at an all day meeting on Sunday starting at 7 AM- and after that I am going for a few days to visit my mom.  so it might be a while before you hear from me again.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

entertainment week

that's how this week is going and is scheduled to go---

last Saturday we went to a concert by Roger McGuinn (formerly of the Byrds)- he came on stage playing his 12 string electric and singing My Back Pages and the concert zoomed from there- he had some fabulous stories and some wonderful songs (most of which we knew but there were a few new things to us) and was clearly having such a good time himself that one could not fail to be infected by his good humor.  Phil said it was on of the best concerts he had ever been to.  I also found it very entertaining.

last night my bud Jennifer - who came in from Denver - and friend Mick and I went to the opera to see the Mikado.  I had gotten tickets to this opera because Stephanie Blythe was singing and it was worth it to hear her amazing voice and see her interpret her character with such gusto.  The opera (really operetta) left me somewhat cold as other than her character I couldn't have cared less for any other players.  but as always the staging was fun to see.  Laure also had tickets for the same night and stopped by to see us during intermission.

tomorrow night we have tickets for The Importance of Being Earnest and Friday I have another opera (A Masked Ball) which also has Stephanie Blythe singing.  Yea!

so since it is the holiday season, we can do the twelve days of ... entertainment! - we have in one week:

4 dinner engagements
2 operas
1 concert
1 play
and 1 lunch date

if I move it to twelve days I get lost - so we will have to stick with seven LOL

here are some photos that remind me of winter and the holidays

top- Salzburg Austria - ornaments made of painted eggs
middle - Innsbruck Austria - skier dolls in a store window
bottom - Red Square in Moscow in the afternoon sun