Friday, August 19, 2011

fun photos

OK so we've been so busy with driving 2600 miles in the last week that I haven't had a lot of time to post but here are a few goodies from along the way:

examples of first nations shelter styles at the Hat Creek Ranch

a rootin' tootin' six gun slingin' ranch hand:

Mia, the Hat Creek pygmy mule (no she isn't pregnant- thank you very much!)

dual language stop sign in a first nations native language and English- near Cache Creek BC:

one of about a dozen tunnels on the route along the Frasier River to Hell's Gate Canyon:

The salmon ceasar and the salmon chowder at the Cafe at Hell's Gate tramway:

souvenir stand at the Jasper Tramway:

TB and me on the Athabasca Glacier just south of Jasper on the "Icefields Parkway"

Folks at Sunwapta Falls - I have dozens of photos and some video as well- waaaay cool!

Maligne Canyon "fifth bridge" in Jasper National Park:

Lake Annette under gloomy skies but with beautiful reflections in the clear clear water:

Back in the US of A in crossing the Columbia on the Keller Ferry:

an amazingly beautiful trip - lots more photos will follow once I can sort through them.... but a 6 AM flight calls me to sleep early!