Saturday, March 24, 2012

great performances

still catching up and trying to get ready (at the same time for Cuba and for nearly a week in NYC before Cuba)

but we have a lot on the calendar - this past week a Timeline Production of the play Enron

the performances were spectacular with everyone fulfilling the appropriate level of villainy that produced that first horrible awful- now all too common - business debacle... too big to fail... LOL- like the now long defunct Arthur Anderson - the should-be-defunct Vinson & Elkins and another reason to Occupy Wall Street - or perhaps the original reason. 

shady accounting practices - non existent moral and ethical values - it was all there in this very interesting production which was at times too frenetic and loud for my taste but still reflective of the MONEY (is everything) culture of the trading floor once mark to market was accepted by the SEC (who minds this store on behalf of shareholders???)

lots of questions - few answers but a rousing evening - bottom line- RECOMMENDED

next up The Price at the Raven and then the final play in the Remy Bumppo season... will keep you posted.