Thursday, September 26, 2013

my dinner with Andre (only kidding)

this was actually a dinner with friends at the Chris Nugent hot spot Goosefoot.  We were warmly welcomed by Nina Nugent and began the evening with champagne as we started off on our gourmet food odyssey-

the menu-

the champagne- a Vilmart Grand Cellier

the golden beet amuse

the scallop course-

the shrimp, custard. dried garlic- incredibly tasty concoction course- LOL

we went to white along with the champagne for these earlier courses - a 2005 Kistler McCrae Vineyard

the best soup in the country- hot and hearty and full of flavor-

the salmon course-

we moved into the red- a 96 Chambolle-Musigny for the "meat" courses-

excellent duck (a new addition to the menu)- and while it was fantastic I missed the egg dish- if I were choosing my courses given how familiar we are with Chris' food- I would skip the salmon (as I have said before to my palate the esplette overpowers even hearty salmon) and have the egg - then the duck - then the beef...

the now missing egg course with asparagus- from our anniversary dinner in June-

the delicious beef course-

the incredibly beautiful cheese course-

the first dessert (fruit centric)

the chocolate dessert- always amazing- so satisfying as an end to an extraordinary meal!

and a single bite to finish off- a cape gooseberry dipped in chocolate with nuts

a lovely evening that ended (as is the way with our evenings here) quite late... we headed home and today our out of town friends arrive for the weekend... no slowing down here at our house!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the last lunch

is frequently at the Grand Central Oyster Bar- kind of on the way out of town we usually haul luggage and leave for the airport from there- you can tell we were early from the open tables- before noon- but by the time we left it was full...

the main reason to go!

oh to have this much selection in Chicago anywhere- I LOVE oysters!

menu printed daily -

had the lobster rolls and clam chowder- but neither were showing as well as in the past so this may be a place that gets skipped in the future...
we headed to the airport amid horrible traffic as the UN just began their general assembly session this morning and Obama was in town- lots of routes blocked--- but we had plenty of time-
arrived early to ORD and had to wait for a gate and then had to wait in horrendous line for a cab - due to traffic outbound and lack of taxis in the queue--- got home and started laundry (the usual routine after travel) cats were only aloof for a hour or so- LOL then they forgave us.... and now we are all caught up----

day five- even I am getting tired

of writing about eating but this is our last full day so we are nearing the end...

lunch at Second Avenue Deli - a place we have meant to go for several years (we usually do Katz's but had been to the old 2nd Ave and felt bad about the old guy getting killed so when his son opened up at a new location we kept saying "we should go and try it, even though it 's kosher")

so we walked across town - and saw some things along the way worth noting- it was a Jewish-y afternoon I guess-


ah, the bar mitzvah boy- LOL

we get to the deli-

OK maybe it is me but this was the tile in the restroom- LOL- I  just don't see the goys putting food words all over their bathroom walls- LOL

a display in the salad case-

on the front door the story of the robbery and murder- big reward has not brought any info unfortunately - a tragedy - really - not in the ironic way - this was supposed to be a really good guy...

on the way home as we crossed Lex- heading west and got a good view of the beautiful Chrysler Building

we stopped in Greeley Park as the weather continues sunny and warm - and we enjoyed the last full day of NYC parks for this trip...

for dinner we met "Larno" at a place in the east village right near Degustation- very frenchy called Calliope - I had the eggs mayonnaise starter and the steak with a side of zucchini crudo (which was fab by the way)

Arno brought a bottle of excellent champagne and then we bought a Gevery which showed really well-

we basically closed the place (as is our habit when the four of us are together) and went back to our room for a last spectacular view from our night time terrace-

tomorrow- home to ORD then dinner with friends on Wednesday, company for the weekend - a concert on Sunday night and next week leaving for our China BIG trip...

day four- we are still eating well!

again we start with lunch - this time at 15 east- a place we have visited before- where the sushi is pricey and perfect- fresh like you rarely get a "ordinary" sushi restaurants-

then it was on to the green market at Union Square- and a walk up Broadway-


the view from the triangle park area at Madison Square-

and our water tower sea in the different light- LOL

after a visit with adorable Alix and her parents we headed off to a nearby place for a meal - that turned out to be possibly the best of the trip-

it was date night and we enjoyed each other's company so much I have no food photos (gasp!) but it was tremendous- lovely candle lit room under an arched vaulted ceiling - waiters in the old school professional role of guides to the extensive menu and, oh my! the food was excellent-

I started with the linguine and then had cod and Phil started with pappardelle with meat sauce and then had a huge - perfectly prepared - grilled double veal chop. my dessert of cappuccino gelato was just to my taste and he had some chocolate thing with crispy tuilles to enhance the texture- we had a super Italian wine and went home via the subway as it was raining when we left the restaurant - and pouring by the time we got to 28th street from Chambers.... this is a definite "return to" place for us!