Saturday, June 9, 2012

gone fishing

well not really- but we will be gone for a week - while we visit friends in the west.... so the remainder of the islands and the mainland trip sites will have to wait until my return- so stay tuned- - only gone for six days.... and there are still a lot more fabulous things ahead!!!!!

so - more in a week or so.....

born from a volcano

the island of Santorini proved to be the MOST photogenic of our seven islands even though it was packed with tourists.  three LARGE - very large- cruise ships were anchored off the port where we docked right alongside the funicular that takes you to the top of the caldera that makes up this spectacular island.

we arrived right as the sun rose and were the first to get on the funicular (the cruise ship tenders were slower than our dockside space) and so things were relatively peaceful for us until we got to Oia.

on the way there we made a stop in the museum - small but exquisite artifacts from various digs on the volcanic island- including a find made by our very own guide the lovely and extremely knowledgeable Evgenia!

lots of fabulous photos and another thousand steps - LOL - and we were happy campers after stopping for lunch at a seafood place on top of the ridge.

the museum had a wonderful collection - choice pieces from island archaeological sites:

the discovery of our guide Evgenia!

on to Oia- perhaps the most photogenic town in the world?

the whole island is a souvenir shop!

but of course there is also food!

as we sailed away the beauty remained visible- even at a distance-

the water at the dock was such an amazing color I had to try to capture it for everyone- this does it a bit of justice- but seeing it first hand is of course - highly recommended!

next up Amorgos! small and beautiful- not at all touristic as Evgenia says...

our first island - Patmos

well actually - technically it would be our second Greek Island since we had gone to Rhodes (Rodos) over the Christmas holiday in 2004... but for this trip to seven islands- it was our first...

my first piece of information about the islands is that no matter which one you are on there are a thousand steps- in the case of Patmos a thousand up to the monastery and a thousand down to the cave where St John was given divine guidance in writing the gospel of John (the fourth one...LOL)

the place was absolutely lovely and our ship docked right there in the small town. photos follow of the highlights:

we will climb to the top of the "castle" - which is actually the monastery-

our little ship- 26 cabins.... the Arethusa!

something along the way built the same year we were- LOL

the church over the cave where the divine guidance was given---

the little port town:

a small church on a hill outside of town:

you can never tell until you have done the whole thing which part you liked best but Patmos continued to be among the favorite ports of call for me... it was just the right size - not too developed but had enough to do that it kept us interested for the time we were there... next up Santorini- jewel of the Aegean!