Wednesday, August 27, 2014

time and tide

So we have been here in St Martin for three days now. The population of the town is less than 300. This means we are in a town without a town LOL. The gas station (one pump) is both the liquor store and the beer store and the ATM and snacks and a tiny bit of food.

Our class is being held at a local B&B and every meal is here at the inn.  This would not be our usual food choice of course but we are thinking of it as "camp" LOL.

Yesterday we started at the local two room museum and heard two very good lectures on the local history and ship building industry. Then after lunch we learned about sea veggies and lobster and scallops. Then we had a lobster dinner followed by a concert of maritime music by two locals.

Today we heard in the morning lecture from a local fisherman about lobster and scallop fishing and later from a local historian about the village architectural history.

This afternoon we get more on local food and then Celtic music tonight.

Will see what I can do about photos for this post which I have just drafted on my phone.