Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mon cooks another seriously excellent meal!

Last night- I gave up unpacking boxes and putting things away - or not away because I had no place for them- and we went to our friend's house for dinner.  Our friend, Mon is a terrific chef... really he is professional level despite being a CPA and attorney with an LLM in Tax- this guy really has a way with food- sometimes in the most straightforward way but always sublime! I am sitting here remembering a meal last summer at Mon & Beth's where he made an outstanding gazpacho that I could have drunk a gallon of... but never mind about that- let's talk about last night!

presentation is the thing- he does it so well and I usually am a bit more "relaxed" in my "style" of entertaining LOL- actually my style (full stop) LOL

here is what I mean- the grilled mixed seafood ready for serving-

we started with Caviar! with every little thing you might want- tiny blinis and sour cream and capers and chopped egg yolks and chopped egg whites and chopped onions and it was so very yummy-

champagne (RH Coutier NV Brut) to start-

well we almost licked the tin clean- damned close!

then a quick taste of the grilled clams-
the wine was a Peter Michael Bell Cote Chard (too oaky for my taste so Mon opened a Gruner for me which I liked much better)

Mon was busy at the grill-

"plating" the seafood course-

the magazine worthy final showing before we devoured it! I would try to pick a favorite but it was all spectacular! Scallops- lobster tails- shrimp- king crab leg- and clams!!!!

follow up on the seafood course- a fab spring roll intermezzo - palate cleanser- salad like course---

roast pork with lettuce wraps or rice - and many choices of accompaniment for flavoring-

a 1990 Corton- Pougets which was lackluster and a bordeau (sorry it came decanted and I didn't see the bottle for visual memory)

finally the cheese course with a 30 year old tawny Grahams-

tea for me as the end of the evening came all too quickly- I almost fell asleep at the table I have been working such long hours trying to get our boxes unpacked and get settled in to the new condo in Chicago... that was day six of unpacking and we are closer.... closer.... closer - but not yet done...

so tomorrow another day of unpacking and putting away and then Tuesday I leave for a road trip with TB and Wednesday Phil leaves for Ireland-

we have a new house sitter/cat sitter who we think Lucy will really like- her name is Eva- and unfortunately we lost our dear Penny last Monday to a long term illness.  She was too fragile to make the trip north with 20 hours in the car and a stressful new home - she will be missed by all who knew her. Our sweet girl when things were easier for her- before she became so sick.

so onward we go- and now we are off to new places and new things along with the new home--- should be a fun summer! Friends from Germany visit and the kids are all headed here for a couple of Cubs games (yes they are having an amazing season so far) and we are headed to Scandinavia and the Baltics in August.... so more to follow- we have finished our year of real estate transactions (11 months to be exact) and are ready to get on with come on along....