Monday, November 11, 2013

the play's the thing

no sooner had I arrived here in sunny southern climes than I headed off to the theater-

got here late afternoon Wednesday and went on Thursday night to the Asolo - the Cook theater there- to see the FSU Conservatory production of School for Lies.  This delightful piece of fun was an update of Moliere's Misanthrope (how many years ago did I see that? Oh god! 45 years ago - LOL as a high school French student- LOL)

although set in 1666 - the iambic pentameter dialogue was thoroughly modern and quite funny.  All of the actors (apparently second year grad students at FSU's Asolo Conservatory) were first rate and I enjoyed my evening very much. 

I also got tickets for Loot coming in January-

I liked the venue- and it is so close to us (15 minutes exactly parking lot to drive way on the way home) that there is no reason not to enjoy what they have to offer.

we also have tickets to the Asolo Rep season - so will have plenty to report on over the next few months!