Saturday, November 3, 2012


unfortunately these books only play with flash player so those of you on iPads will have to go to your regular computers to access this amazing compendium of the nordic capitals experience! LOL

Friday, November 2, 2012

the end game- Stockholm

our final day begins with a quick jaunt to the Knight's Island to see the Eiffel tower like spire of the church there (now a museum) then we go to the palace only to find it doesn't open until noon. so we hiked over to city hall but skipped the guided only tour - by then we were discussing lunch and decided any cafe type place would do and ended up back on Gamla Stan for a quick meal (our dinner reservation at Gastrologik was early due to our early morning flight the following day)

finally we got to the palace- saw the apartments and a museum in the cellar none of which was spectacular - oh and no photos... not sure why since the royal family no longer lives there- although Charles and Camilla did sleep there within the last few years...LOL

anyway- here are the photos of the last day - mostly just things that caught my eye along the way-  (minus the 40 photos of dinner which are in the October 24th "minds blown" post)

so that is it- on to the making of the photo book for Stockholm and Helsinki- then I can go on another trip- coming up - New Zealand! - the December trip---

Monday part two

continuing at Skansen the 1891 founded open air museum- in the prior post we explored the "urban" section - now we go on to country manor houses and farms - before getting lunch and catching the afternoon hop on hop off bus back into the old town to visit the cathedral and - although planned to do the palace too - the weather turned on us and so we went for a hot chocolate and pastry!

lunch- wild boar sausage on root veg mash (parsnip maybe?)

back to Gamla Stan and the cathedral-

it was raining when we left the cathedral so we quickly found a cafe to duck into for some excellent hot chocolate and a pastry-

later we went to dinner at Kryp In right in Gamla Stan- very cozy - very nice- recommended-


our time in Stockholm is drawing to a close- tomorrow we will do our final sightseeing and then our dinner at gastrologik (see "minds blown!" entry from October 24th) we leave the hotel for the trek back to the airport at 6:30 AM on Wednesday.... so thanks for staying for the last few days--- LOL