Wednesday, March 2, 2011

long day's journey

kitties and Phil and I returned home last night.  again the girls did fine in the car for the long journey home. 

we left Monday - quite wistful about our time at River Cottage and grateful for the idea of returning next year.  Friday night we spent with Al and Carol - our new friends and neighbors who also happen to own River Cottage.  the hours again flew by and we hope to entice them to Chicago in the summer by promising Al space on the deck and some decent scotch.  meanwhile on Sunday we went to spring training to "play ball" at McKechnie field in Bradenton. the day was warm and sunny - a perfect day for baseball.  

 after we returned home we attempted to eat the food left in the frig - mostly successfully but did leave some behind- just ran out of time and space in the car. 

so here are a few photos of the River Cottage to bring back memories.

our comfy home away from home-

this next one is a photo of one of the two alligators I finally found - that is him to the right side swimming towards the cottage but never getting close for a really good shot-

so we are home and back at work and repacking for the bar mitzvah weekend in PDX.  things don't slow down and perhaps that is one more reason our time at River Cottage was so special to us.  it was a moment out of time - when we could just "be" instead of "do"