Tuesday, February 15, 2011


for a while- actually since before my birthday and then things got really busy!

on my birthday friends Sheila and Mary came and we all met CBGB for dinner at Bern's amazing steakhouse where the wine list is 181 double sided pages and they have well over 500,000 bottles of wine. 

we all had a wonderful time and had some truly amazing wines. 

here they are:

 this was an amazing and fabulous 1988 Chablis!
 this was an over the hill Montrachet so we only tasted it
 this was a perfectly fine corton charlemagne even though it also had some age on it
 incredible moulin a vent from 1985
 an echezeaux only ten years younger than I am- LOL
 another wonderful wine- we knew it should be great and were not disappointed
 some of our corks
 ultimately we also had a glass of the 1954 maderia- the wine of my birth year!
a picture from the cellar tour

a wonderful dinner with great friends and we raved all the way home about what a great time we had. 

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