Monday, February 7, 2011

too much

working.  well not really too much but certainly too much phone work today - one call was exactly 2 hours and one was 2.5-- my ear was worn out! and I had to recharge my cell phone midday to keep up. 

tonight I have been doing research on the state of affairs in Tunisia because as I have mentioned, I am scheduled to be there 3/24-4/7 with my friend Jennifer.  so now that I had to go to my portable hard drive to get passport info to register with the state department I thought I would pick up some photos for your enjoyment.

my friends and colleagues - Lynn and Gwen are planning a trip to the Netherlands with a possible side trip to Belgium so I thought a few photos for them would be nice- some from Amsterdam, Harlem, Utrecht and finally two from Brugges in Belgium.  and yes it rained the day we were in Brugges (late October)

but there are plenty of things to see and do- and don't forget the chocolates! 

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