Monday, May 9, 2011

made it

through my first mother's day with my mother and my sister being gone.  I had written to my brother in law earlier in the week and didn't want to disturb him on such a tough day- in case he had a few minutes respite from thinking about Janna.  they say (whoever they are) that the first year is the most difficult because you face all those days of note without your loved one there. so on the one year anniversary of Janna's death (June 14) do I think I will feel better than on June 13th- I seriously doubt it. 

I have a photo of my mom and me in 1955 and one of Janna and her oldest Nick in 1988.  I post these in celebration of their loving hearts as mothers. 

here is a photo that was always among our favorites - we just found it funny because of the "label"

 it was taken at my brother's wedding reception in November 1984 - I am laughing because for some reason my mother's hair seems to be dyed to match her dress - LOL

and here is one of my favorite photos of Janna- she LOVED to garden and this was taken in her front yard sometime around 1994 or so

my brother in law Tom said he had been to OSU to see Sarah (my niece) in a dance recital and how tough it was because she reminded him so much of Janna. 

here  are two photos of Janna in her own days of dance recitals

missing both my mom and my sister this mother's day

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