Sunday, November 27, 2011


home again and getting readjusted to the current time zone-

so I will start with the beginning of the trip - in Zagreb.  we arrived on Saturday mid day and took a cab to the hotel.  we were in luck because even though it was only noon we had a room ready for us.  it was a nice space in a quiet corner of the top floor of the Palace Hotel (#428)

we dumped all our stuff and after getting organized for later in the day took a brief nap to get us past the hump of no sleep and the hour transfer walk in Frankfort.  We called for an early dinner reservation at a place called Vinodol. 

later in the afternoon we went out for a walk and got the layout of the city scoped out for tomorrow on our own.  when we arrived at the city center square we found a festival going on with wine and wine and wine and some cheese and proscut (dried ham) all to celebrate St Martin's day which is 11/11.  This is the patron saint of the wine harvest and he is honor with great respect here.  Apparently everyone makes wine and smokes hams at home! Who knew?

above- all photos from the festival- and below the Vinodol restaurant where we had dinner our first night in Croatia.

Needless to say with no sleep the night before and only a short nap we were ready to sack out quite early - so we went back to the hotel and to bed by a bit after ten PM.  Tomorrow is a full day on our own and we have a map to do help us find our way to the things I remember as worth seeing form the last time I was here.

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