Monday, January 23, 2012

back to the lodge

our friend Lynn was here last weekend to escape the snow.  When we asked her what she wanted to do when she was visiting she had only one request- to return to the Linger Lodge (see entry from last year on January 10, 2011 entitled Linger Lodge for photos etc.)

this year we have been back twice so far. It is only minutes from River Cottage- three to five max...

and things are still cool and fun to see... we arrived with the Sunday biker crowd

we had lots of choices for food but picked the gator bites to start along with tiger striped onion rings

the decor is still lovely- and it seems they have even more "stuffed" animals - a taxidermist's dream come true- (see last year's entry for photos of dead animals that hang the walls and fill the trophy cases)

and we really hit the jackpot when we went to the laundry room (ladies room and shower entrance) and found this ANDY GIBB album up for grabs in the book exchange table!  You absolutely have to love a place like this-

we came home and sat around the deck until sunset where we watched the progress of the colors on the clouds and celebrated seeing a toddler alligator right by the deck in the late afternoon!

and here he is!

more on Lynn's visit later...

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