Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I know this is getting old

but again we have a first time sighting- actually two of them that I can show you photos and one that you have to just trust my cousin Michele and me on as we both sighted an otter several times but his coming to the surface was so erratic that I have no photo of the cute guy...

what I do have photos of are the glossy ibis and an immature white ibis in the process of changing colors from brown to white and of course various other interesting things seen at River Cottage as we near the end of our stay... one more week (boo hoo)

the glossy ibis:

the immature ibis:

the immature and the adult white ibis:

one gator sunning:

two gators sunning:

a new kind of bird in the sky- LOL:

a friend of some kind came to visit and left his calling cards (paw prints on the patio)

the neighbors dock with a beautiful blooming flower bush- I think Azalea from the distance...

so life continues at River Cottage as we get ready to start packing and moving things into storage for next year's use...

and - we still have our Yankees Phillies game scheduled and another get together with Al and Carol right before we head home...

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