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Friday, February 3, 2012

wherein I come to the rescue of turtles...

LOL I thought the Victorian style chapter heading appropriate for yesterday's actions here on the River.

When I awoke I went into the main room (one of 2 and 1/2 rooms total) and from the window I saw an extremely LARGE bird sitting in the yard near the deck... then as I moved closer to the window and grabbed my camera I saw there were actually THREE large birds and that they were clearly black vultures - sitting and waiting...

after taking a few photos of them through the glass I saw that there was a turtle by the fence and she was laying I snapped into turtle rescue mode and went out and yelled at the vultures to leave--- that didn't work very well...guess their fear of humans is limited.  so I went closer to them and started waving my arms and and moving towards them and finally they all flew off...

my poor momma turtle was still hunkering down and dropping eggs and I stood waiting for her just in case they came back to either eat the eggs or disturb her.  she finished and then waddled (I know - that is what ducks do but she was so slow and ponderous) off to the river and sunk herself below the water and eventually swam away...

I was of course messing with mother nature but seriously - I want little turtles not well fed vultures to be my experience at River Cottage...LOL

so here are some photos of the dramatic events...LOL

there she is back in the river...

below- a blue heron in flight:
 and a great white egret wading and fishing:

and the big guy is back and waiting for his dinner:

all in a morning on the river here at River Cottage:

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