Saturday, September 1, 2012

I am coming back

just not right this moment- Bolivia and Colombia trips will be here soon with lots of photos but first we are headed for the Labor Day weekend to CBGB's in northern Michigan- so stay tuned- sorry it has been so long- didn't want to lug computer equipment to South America with me....

here are a few photos to help tide you over-

La Paz, Bolivia

Guards at tomb of famous politician - above in formation- below caught moments earlier from across the street- LOL- not quite the stalwart behavior expected of them....LOL

 offerings for sale outside of the basilica in Copacabana - a village on an island in the middle of Lake Titicaca
(much more on this later)

sweet treats for sale made to order in Bogota, Colombia (later I got to try- definitely harder than she made it look! LOL)

colorfully painted houses in the oldest area of Bogota - near one of the Universities.

and then finally- in the spectacular gold museum in Bogota- stunning pre-colombian gold work- this face was roughly 5 inches by 4 inches- detail of the work shown below-

lots to show and tell- so hang on - I will be back blogging no later than the 11th- when we return from trip to NYC....

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