Thursday, October 4, 2012


do we think there is any situation in life that Bob Dylan hasn't somehow captured in his thousands of songs?  I was about to title this post "one more" when a song of Dylan's came into my head "one more cup of coffee for the road. one more cup of coffee 'fore I the valley below" I don't even really know what song it is but I can so clearly hear HIS voice singing it....

but I seriously digress because I was going to post one more photo from the Colombia trip sent to me today by Nancy Pinson. (OK- two)  It is a photo of me with my arepa (the actual one I made upon close instruction) and the arepa ladies who guided me in the process...LOL  - so soon we will head to the airport but since we still haven't left I have time to post one more photo from the last trip before I go....

as you can see the folks there are quite a bit shorter than I am - LOL- even leaning in they still only reach shoulder height. And even funnier - you can see how enthralled this lady was in teaching me (another incompetent tourist she thought- LOL) how to make an arepa (she was probably thinking I can't believe you could get to their age and not know how to do this- LOL)

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