Wednesday, November 28, 2012


no- I haven't forgotten about the blog- it is just that I am busy... we had a semi disastrous Thanksgiving when the goose basically exploded in a ball of grease on the grill (we now have a "well oiled" deck railing in the spot nearest the grill....)

I forgot the rolls I had put into the toaster oven to warm them- thereby ensuring that the spirit of my mother (who always did the same thing) was there with us for the holiday celebration- LOL

we had left over turkey pie (a family favorite recipe) for Saturday night dinner with Mick & Steve (the boys also had duck so Phil didn't have to eat turkey AGAIN!) by Sunday night most of the leftovers were gone or pitched; the turkey stock made for later use in risottos etc.  and we had worked to get the cellar in order (ha ha ha) pulling wine for our time away in Florida.

Monday lunch was the LSP office holiday luncheon at Sarajevo and Monday night we had dinner with Brian and Tina at Sun Wah - we still have leftovers from that... yesterday we ran into Sheila & Mary when we went for the last time in 2012 to Anteprima for some kick butt pasta.  Today I have my ddi office holiday luncheon (these are the folks I do consulting work for) then, tonight and Saturday Phil has concerts. Tomorrow we have a play and Friday Goosefoot dinner with Robert & Catherine... so I have to apologize for no blogging but between getting organized for FL, packing for New Zealand and Sydney and social stuff... just hasn't bee time...

but coming up- blogging from exotic places returns- LOL

meanwhile here are a few photos to illustrate time -

ticking clocks...time time time.... on we go....

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