Monday, January 28, 2013

wine touring day two

so day two- off we go to the area south of Blenheim--

after Wither Hills where everyone was very friendly and the views were even better than the very nice wines- we headed along to another.... Villa Maria and then Fromm-

then on to lunch at Twelve Trees at Allan Scott Winery-

then back to tasting - still a few more to go- Seresin and then Spy Valley and then Lawson's Dry Hills:

below- how Spy Valley got its name:

with that we called it "done" and headed back into town- later we had dinner at Accent a wonderful mom and pop place with very upscale cooking:

the wine we purchased the day before a Mustang PN from Cloudy Bay- was an excellent accompaniment!

so we headed back to the hotel one more time and prepared for the trek back to Wellington and on to Sydney - we had a couple of surprises in store for us but I will save them for the next post which will be the international adventure!

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