Wednesday, April 3, 2013

march madness

and not the basketball kind either.... so as you can see from dates on the listing of my blog posts, March completely got away from me -

so I will try to go back and cover some of the really great reasons you haven't heard from me-

First- there was the trip to Portland for Marissa's Bat Mitzvah
then we came home (FL) and went to Kissimee for a Cards game (Braves)
then we did the walk through on the condo we bought
then we closed on the condo
then we did the Wine Walk to Ca d'Zan (a fab fun event we had no time for but did anyway and it turned out to be a superb evening)
then we moved (after buying beds and do a whole LOT of cleaning)
then we had visits from Lew & Ellie and Chuck & Georgia to celebrate the new home
then we went to two plays - one of which was one of the best plays I have EVER seen
then we had new closet treatments installed so we could complete our move of clothing from the rental to the new place
then we had the electrician, the plumber and the HVAC folks in after visits from ADT and the cable company
and we went to the recycling center with cardboard from shipping boxes numerous times
then we went to another Cardinals game in Ft Myers (Twins)
then we figured out what to take back to Chicago and what to leave for future visits
and finally we drove 1200 miles and spent one night in a hotel with Penny and Lucy-


so you can see why things got away from me in March... I promise full reports over the next couple of days and get us caught up- before we leave town and the country...LOL

a few photos to hold you over-

on we go....

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