Tuesday, December 17, 2013

we learn to speak Cajun

well not exactly - but we did learn some terms that they use commonly there in Cajun country.  on our first get together Patti (the continuing education coordinator for UL Lafayette) did a handout on various words and phrases...

check it out -

over the course of the week we are at classes we hear in real life, a number of these! so it isn't some made up list....

anyway on day one (the morning after the vocabulary lesson) we had the following schedule-

Greg Girard (crawfish fisherman, storyteller, actor, writer, photograph and author) came to speak first on the Atchafalaya Basin.  Then a trip to Vermillionville (starting with a gumbo lunch- and yes the potato salad goes into the gumbo around here!).  Later a trip to the Acadian Center where we saw two films and toured the museum.  Dinner that evening was at Hub City Diner (we had the catfish!)

so on with the show-





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