Wednesday, February 12, 2014

before I leave

because my schedule isn't busy - LOL- only kidding of course--- so tonight we went to the theater to see Other Desert Cities.  A tremendous play about a family sorting out their past, their secrets and healing their wounds (mostly by picking at them until the bleeding was really profuse)

the family in question was made up of older GOP Palm Springs ex Hollywood parents (friends of Reagan types) and their liberal leaning daughter and son (and a third child with a past history in the protest and anti-war movement who was deceased after a bombing)

extremely well written and well acted - this was a fabulous and thought provoking show about the depth of familial love and the burdens of the very same- wow- what a great evening.

so excellent last evening before I head off to my own desert experience with my gal pal GA... when I return you will no doubt see photos with camels...LOL as always- stay tuned!

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