Thursday, October 2, 2014

we visit LBO

Just a brief post on our journey into LBO last night...LOL - LBO is our name for Land Beyond O'Hare... and it is not uncommon for city dwellers to be resistant to actually leave the city. However, we have friends that live well LBO who we really like and so when they invited us over for dinner we of course went.

years ago I would tell people that I only left my house to go to work and that I only left the city to get on an airplane to go some where else... we passed a suburb yesterday on our journey "over the river and through the woods" that both of us had heard of but neither would have been able to locate on a map- LOL - I always thought Clarendon Hills was someplace north vaguely near Libertyville or some such- LOL - soo wrong!

we arrived at 7 pm and for more than five hours managed to fill the time with excellent conversation and FABULOUS food (prepared by our chef- he loves to cook! and supervised by our hostess- she claims to not cook at all- LOL)

so since this was a dinner for just the four of us I didn't take tons of photos but I have a couple to share because the prep was so lovely and the food was so tasty!

we had lots of little bites appetizers - stuffed okra, jamon iberico, chicharones, Portuguese sausages, sauteed shrimp, olives of many kinds, garlic roasted peanuts- and probably some things I don't even remember... we had a couple of good whites and the 1985 Beaune Bressandes that Phil found in cellar organization and clean up that he has been working on... but the wine of the night was the 1955 Quinta do Noval- a 59 year old beauty that was still lively and fresh!

Our appetizers were followed by a lovely beet and endive salad and then wonderful Cornish hens grilled with lemon and rosemary and then a (3) cheese course with figs a perfect pairing with the port!

 the drive home - between midnight and 1 am was smooth sailing back into the city and up Lake Shore Drive... no traffic to deal with so we were home in roughly 50 minutes!

Tonight - it's back to the theater for a production of Both Your Houses... so review will be coming tomorrow- then we really have to get packing for the Italy trip - leaving in three stay tuned...

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