Friday, November 17, 2017

who knows?

who knows where the time goes? LOL - something Phil and I say to each other all the time... on so many levels- this week was interesting because we went to a lecture by a futurist named David Houle.  We had heard him speak last spring and enjoyed hearing his perspective. So when we saw he was speaking on the media and public trust we signed up to hear him again.

later that evening we went to one of our favorite places for dinner - the Blue Marlin on AMI - it's about 15 minutes from us and especially when we go (8 PM dinners aren't the most popular time here LOL) we generally have no traffic - of course parking in Bradenton Beach is always a challenge but this time of year it is less so. 

the menu of the day

the regular menu

the white and red we settled on- after one not so great older white which I thought was flawed but Phil thought was just not so good---- is there really a difference? LOL

then last night we made our first trip to AMOB and on Sunday night we had made our first trip to Cafe Baci and last week we hit both Captain Brian's and Starfish and Bella Mia - LOL so we are well into the "welcome back" tour of Florida faves.....  next week is reasonably quiet - some guys coming to give us estimates for repairs of screening in our cage over the courtyard (Hurricane Irma damage) and shopping for an preparing for Thanksgiving.  Brother Larry is coming from Miami and Jean has made us one of her two stops that day. Larry will spend the weekend which will be great since we really haven't spent any time with him since last Christmas... the Hurricane disrupted plans he had to come to Chicago in September.... so stay tuned for more fun and games...

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