Tuesday, June 19, 2018

the season finale!

Last night we attended the season finale of the Chaine des Rotisseurs dining group.  It was held at the Band of Bohemia, culinary brewhouse a mile or so from where we live.  The meal was terrific and we quickly decided this is a place to return to.  We started with a selection of libations and some passed small bites and then went on to a fabulous dinner from the group in the kitchen,  Service was exemplary all around!

so on to the photos -

the Hooch was especially worthy!  and here is the full menu for the reception- the oysters with the sport peppers were my fave!

here were the promo materials for the event-

and here is the fab menu for the evening along with photos - course by course-

OK not being a lamb fan I asked for a substitute and they served me chicken with the lamb set up - which was a nice accommodation- Phil liked the lamb very much...

the printed program for the event-  inside and cover-

a festive ending to the Chaine season which will start up again in September with its monthly dining events!  meanwhile we have plans over the next few weeks for various meals with friends we have made through the Chaine and a lot of travel on the schedule this summer- so stay tuned...

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